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Snow & Ice Removal.

SnowIceRemoval Snow and ice building up on your roof can create serious problems for your home.

  • Ice dams can form along the roof’s edge, forcing melting snow to backup under your shingles and allowing it to seep into your home
  • Heavy snow pack causes undue stress on the roof deck and supporting infrastructure, and poses the danger of collapse
  • Snow and ice can slide off the roof in large, heavy chunks and damage landscaping, walkways, vehicles, and people on the ground below
  • Unbalanced temperature differences between roof and attic caused by a snow-covered roof can cause the bottom layer of snow to melt, then refreeze when it runs to the roof’s edge
  • Weeks of snow and ice pressure can damage shingles and underlayment, causing cracks and seams to allow water to enter the home

All these problems and more are good reasons to keep your roof clear of snow and ice buildup. But trying to free your roof of ice and snow yourself is dangerous. Slippery, icy and windy conditions make climbing on your roof hazardous. And flimsy “snow rakes” simply can’t reach high enough to do any good.

AJC Roofing provides professional snow and ice clearing services for roofs of all types, including residential and commercial roofing in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. We’ll work quickly and safely to remove damaging packed snow and crusty ice so that your roof can do the job it was designed for: protecting your home from the elements.

Call AJC Roofing to have snow and ice removed professionally, before it can damage your home.

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