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Roof damaged? Let a professional New Hampshire roofer make the repairs.

roof repair If you roof should suffer a small leak to catastrophic damage as a result of wind, rain, snow, falling trees or utility poles, you often can’t wait for a sunny day to make repairs. But don’t try to make the repairs yourself. Instead, call the experts from AJC Roofing.

We can make immediate, short-term repairs to structural damage that can help prevent further damage and protect your property. Then we’ll evaluate whether more permanent repairs are necessary. We’ll also document the damage for insurance claims.

You may be tempted to delay repairs to a damaged roof. But, left open to the weather, your roof will deteriorate rapidly, and place in danger the rafters, sheathing, insulation and, eventually, your ceiling and walls. Water seeping into your walls can also reach electrical systems and cause fires.

It can take up to 18 months for water damage from a damaged roof to show up as a ceiling or wall! So make the repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage and avoid more expensive repairs down the road.

When disaster strikes or when you don’t want small problems to become big headaches, call the experts at AJC Roofing.

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