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Our 10-Point Roof Inspection Process.

inspection The only way to fully evaluate the condition of your home’s roof is to perform an on-roof inspection. AJC Roofing will conduct a 10-point inspection on your roof. Here is what we look for:

  1. Missing roof tiles or shingles
  2. Loose or worn shingles
  3. Damaged or missing vents, or other roof penetrations that are not in good condition
  4. Holes caused by rodents, raccoons, etc.
  5. Damage caused branches, hail or lightning
  6. Caved in areas on roof decking (only visible from the roof itself)
  7. Stains or rot on fascia or soffit areas that indicate a possible roof leak
  8. Loose or missing flashing
  9. Any stains you have noticed in your ceiling will be checked for roof leaks

We take digital photographs of each area. These are furnished to you along with our written evaluation in order to help you make an informed decision on the need for roof repair or replacement.

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