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Pre-Cut Eave/Rake Starter Strips Are One Of The Most Overlooked Parts Of A Roofing System!

Some contractors try to use a cut-up strip shingle as the “starter” course on your roof. Unfortunately, cut-up shingles may not have properly positioned adhesive to ensure adequate wind resistance.

Using a pre-cut eave/rake starter strip will:

  • Provide a cost-effective alternative to using cut-up shingles as your starter course.
  • Include a high-quality, properly positioned adhesive that will tightly lock your shingles in place to help prevent blow-off.
  • Easy to use and install, with no cutting on the roof.
  • Looks Better Straighter roof edges and no messy black cement dripping onto your new white edge metal.
  • Factory-applied Adhesive helps to lock down the roof edges at the eaves and rakes.
  • Tests show that using starter strips at the eaves and rakes helps to prevent blow-offs and potential leaks.
  • Wind Coverage Warrantis: Some manufactures offer increased wind coverage on many shingles when you use starter strips.



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