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Uncovered: 4 Common Myths About Metal Roofing in NH

Metal RoofingAJC Roofing is proud to install metal roofing NH homeowners can depend on to provide durable protection for decades to come. Beyond its amazing toughness, metal roofing is highly versatile and comes in a huge variety of colors and finishes that can replicate the look of asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and even clay tiles or slate! However, there are still a number of misunderstandings surrounding this material. This week we’d like to discuss the most common myths associated with metal roofing.

Myth #1. Metal roofs are hotter than asphalt shingles.

Due to a coating which reflects the sunlight typically absorbed by asphalt shingles, a metal roof keeps your home at a cooler, more consistent temperature. This alone can save you 30-40% on your cooling bills. Metal can also be installed over an existing asphalt shingle layer, creating an added layer of insulation.

Myth #2. Metal roofs are noisy.

Because metal roofs are installed over a thick underlayment (and sometimes a layer of asphalt shingles), they are no noisier than other roofing materials. In fact, metal often does a better job of silencing roof noise.

Myth #3. A metal roof attracts lightning in a storm.

According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, a metal roof does not increase the chance that lightning will strike your home. In fact, should lightning hit, the metal will disperse the energy safely throughout the structure. It’s also non-combustible, making it a wonderful choice for fire-prone areas.

Myth #4. Metal roofing is too expensive.

Metal does cost approximately twice as much as asphalt upfront, but will last at least 50 years – two to three times longer than the standard asphalt roof! When you figure in the costs of reroofing and annual savings on heating and cooling, a metal roof is the wise choice.

Don’t let misconceptions stop you from enjoying the tremendous benefits of this roofing material. To discuss whether a metal roof is right for your home, call AJC Roofing to schedule a FREE roofing estimate.



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