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How Our Roofing Contractors in NH ... Pave Roads?

asphalt Did you know your old roof could become a new road? As a GAF Certified Green Roofer™ , AJC Roofing goes the extra mile to collect old shingles and deliver them to a local recycling facility. This is an important effort, because at least 11 million TONS of shingle waste are sent to American landfills every year.

Used asphalt shingles have traditionally not been recycled, they’ve just been thrown away. The good news is that most asphalt roofs qualify for recycling, and AJC will evaluate whether your roof qualifies when we come to take measurements and do an estimate. If it does, when your old roof is removed, the asphalt shingles will be separated from the other materials (wood, metal, etc.). The shingles will then be transported to a recycling center, where they will be ground into smaller particles for use as paving material for roadways. Even the nails are removed during the shingle grinding process, and they get recycled too!

If you’re considering a roof replacement, we hope you will choose to use your old roof to renew America’s highways and preserve natural resources. Call AJC Roofing today for an estimate! For more information about GAF’s commitment to green manufacturing processes and a full line of energy-saving products, visit “Green Roof Central” at www.gaf.com/green.



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